Twin-Town is a fully integrated enterprise, incorporating technology, research and development, manufacturing and marketing functions. Twin-Town now owns outright, or partly owns the following factories:


Twin-Town saw industries co., ltd. Twin-Town abrasives manufacturing co., ltd. Twin-Town diamond co., ltd.


Twin-Town has also forged very good relationships with many other outstanding enterprises in order to enlarge her scope of her products.

development process

We treat our customers as partners in business, work closelywith them to address their marketing problems in their own markets, by conducting in-depth market analysis to recommend suitable products and optimal pricing strategies.


As we expected and endeavored, our business partners, OEM customers, and agents of our own brands have continued to gain still larger shares of their respective markets.
  • Establishment Department

    In 1994, Twin-Town was only one of the departments of the Jiangsu overseas group (JOC).
  • Company Registration

    In 1999, founded Twin-Town Enterprises.We set up or invested in three factories in the fields of circular saw blades, abrasives, and diamond tools.
  • opened a new R & D center

    In 2000 Twin-Town opened a new R & D center in order to fully realize the potential of the decades of experience accumulated by her
We should continually find out their successful design concepts, and hope to design bag and suitcase with Chinese characteristics and competition of international market. The implementing of the development strategy and increasing brand culture content of green agricultural products can improve the popularity and competition of agricultural products.
MRTONY, this very brand, was named after Tony Chen, our company’s founder.


Focusing on R&D and manufacturing, we, under the lead of Tony Chen, strive 20 years to become the leading entrepreneur in tool’s industry. Lists of patents show our way to pursue excelsior.


Boom-selling in various markets makes us shine and world-widely known, while providing technical solutions and marketing strategies makes customers grow attachment to us.


Nowadays, choosing products from Tony Chen’s company becomes the most favorable and wisest choice for customers looking for trustworthy tools.


With unparalleled reputation of our products and wide acknowledgment of the name-Tony, we uses MRTONY as our brand to promote ourselves as well as be a beacon light for people looking for long partnership in tool’s industry.

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